Hi Friend

As you probably noticed, it’s been a long time since I updated this site or shared any mixes.

I’ve kept it up, both for my own personal listening and hopefully yours if you’re still here.

I wanted to take the time to thank anyone who is still here, listening and reading this message despite the silence. It was always about the music anyways.

I’ve considered getting back to mixing a few times, and I’d still like to do at least one more (modern) mix.

In the meantime, I wanted to reach out and offer a potentially more convenient format to listen on – Soundcloud.

I’ve uploaded all mixes to the (now) official dabears soundcloud page.

I hope this helps at least one person enjoy some nostalgia using todays technology. I know I certainly did while going through the uploads.

I also included the very first recorded mix I ever made – I didn’t think the mixing was good enough for anyone to hear, and while its still pretty bad, I thought it would be a fun easter egg to include.

You can check that directly out here:


Until next time… – dabears

50 thoughts on “Hi Friend

  1. We want you back. Your talent is unrivaled for these mixes. I’m assuming live has gotten in the way to be able to make them, but just so you know, there are people here who would still listen. Been here since Bumpin the Night


  2. A friend of mine showed me a mix on here that you made and we used to listen to a lot when we were roommates. She fell into some bad times, homelessness and drug addiction, and died from an overdose in May. I was glad to see that your site is still live, thank you.

  3. It’s been a few years since I’ve been on this site. Happy it’s still here, and I can now go on SoundCloud and enjoy the mixes. I have many great memories listening to House Music 2.

    Cheers and blessings. -J

  4. It´s good to hear you´re still around.
    Your mixes are still my go to while in the car after all these years.
    Thank you!
    BR M

  5. Dabears, please come back! Love your mixes. I love house music 2012 and Turbulence are my favourites. Hope to hear some new ones soon 🙂

  6. These mixes got me through college and I always come back when I want some kick ass high bpm music!!! Glad to see you’re back, look forward to any new mixes you got up your sleeve. I am sure they’ll be awesome just like all the ones before!

  7. We’ve been so patient, and we love you. This has been my most frequented website probably ever, so happy to hear youre still alive lmao, my heart skipped a little when i saw your post.

  8. I still listen to your mixes still to this day I love all your mixes and am so happy to hear that you are getting back into it. I also know a lot of people that I know that will be super happy to hear your coming back. Can’t wait to hear your mixes

  9. honestly i was checking atleast 3-4 times every year this page and checking for any update or post^^
    im so glad for youre masterpieces for the past 8 years in my life 😀
    and im still listen to youre banger mixes!!
    greetings from germany 😀

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  11. I LOVE YOU DABEARS! Been listening for a decade, and your mixes got me through a lot. Seriously, your mixes are so great and such a huge part of my life. Thank you for everything.

  12. Your mixes have been a huge part of my life, from growing up as a teenager and even now into my late 20’s. They hold a special, nostalgic place in my heart that will always transport me to a simpler time. Thank you so much.

  13. You literally got me into EDM years ago and now I’m mixing myself. Just wanted to thank you. So happy to check back and see you posted.

  14. I’ve been here for about a decade now, and I still regularly listen to your mixes. My friends in college introduced me to your work way back in 2011, and I have been hanging around here since. We would even get together and have listening parties when you were releasing stuff back then!

    I also have severe ADHD and your music is part of the reason I can focus at all: initially during my college years, and now during my work day. I share your house mixes with people pretty regularly, and have used those mixes for events and parties with very positive results!

    Thank you for keeping your music up on here over the years! Excited for the potential of new mixes. So glad I’m not the only one left on here. Thanks for the update <3

  15. Your mixes got me through some dark times in life, and really made an impact on me. You’ll always have special place in my heart, and I’m glad to hear from you. Hope all is well, friend.

  16. Dude come back if you’re feeling it 🙂 Your mixes are the best for real. Even if you don’t thanks so much for keeping this up and for the new soundcloud option. All the best!


    I found your site somehow in college back in 2010 and I’ve loved your mixes since then. I rediscovered them this year and was super happy to find the site was still up. Hopefully we get a modern mix from you, but keep happy and healthy!

  18. Same as many, I have been listening for a decade. The mixes are some of the only music that I keep directly on my phone.

    Would love a new mix.

  19. I’ve been listening to your mixes for over a decade like many here. Each one brings me back to a different time of my life. They got me into electronic music and I still love electronic music to this day. Even if you don’t make new mixes, I am still so grateful that you made the mixes you did and that they’ve been with me all these years. Glad to hear you’re alive and well. I wish you all the best in the world.

    • Seconded! Many thanks for returning to the music, keeping the site live all these years, and for generously sharing with us to begin with! Life ebbs and flows, make the best of it!

  20. I’m glad to hear you’re still considering mixes. Something about them just flowed so effortlessly together. I spent countless late nights listening to your works throughout college. Hope you are well during these times. Take care.

  21. Much love and respect for playing a monumental role in the early days of my expedition into electronic music. Your dubstep mixes still occasional make their way into my stereo’s ‘guaranteed good’ playlist of mixes. Off the head without cheating..

    Peace Love & Dubstep
    Dub Till Dawn
    ..annnd Sick Tonight!

    Those were (and still are) some of the best mixes to share with anyone wondering what the early days of the dubstep hype train sounded like (2009-2011).

    If you ever decide to start mixing again, I would absolutely go crazy if you did either a deep dubstep (e.g. Benga, Distance, TRUTH) set or a roots of dubstep mix (e.g. Skrillex… kidding!)

    Thank you for helping to create some wonderful moments that still fill me with nostalgia anytime I revisit those memories!

    Cheers from the lost city of Atlanta, GA.

  22. Dude this is awesome! Your were one of the biggest musical influences to me and my buddies growing up in WI. I’m sure life has moved a long way from where it was back then but we would love to have you back in any capacity!!

  23. Your mixes got me into dubstep and introduced me to many EDM genres classic back in middle school. EDM has brought me tons of joy over the years. I’ve only gotten more into it and will continue raving my whole life.

    Your mixes inspired lots of joy to me, motivated me on hundreds of workouts and introduced me to a beautiful art form. Your song curation and mix flow are masterful.

    Thank you so much. I will continue checking your page because I hope you’ll drop another one

  24. Thanks for the update! I frequently listen to your mixes and keep coming back here from time to time hoping for another one. Keep on keeping on

  25. I just checked back on this site like I do every now and again and am THRILLED. It’s good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well and wish you nothing but the best. Now, I’m going to go binge the Soundcloud! Hope to hear more from you one day!

  26. I always come back to listen to these mixes, it’s been more than 10+ years, keep doing what you love to, it has definitely help us!

  27. These mixes meant to so much to me over the years. I was just listening to Visions again and thought to come see if the site’s still up, and here it is!

    Thank you so much, I hope things are going great whatever’s going on in your life 🙂

  28. A friend of mine stumbled upon your mixes years ago and we listened to them back to back for more years, and I’ve got them all downloaded and still listen to them when I want to reminisce, absolutely some of the best mixes I’ve ever heard. Love it, and thank you for keeping the site up.



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