Thank You!

Thank you for your donation!  I’ve been doing these mixes for free for over 3 years, because I love the music, and mixing.  I enjoy all the feedback that I get, and I want to take the next step into production, and equipment is not cheap.  Your donation will help fuel this dream!  Also running a website is never cheap!

Thanks for your support, it’s what keeps me going.  Feel free to leave a comment on what my mixes mean to you below for other donators.


52 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Dear Mr Bear :),
    I like to work in the night where nobody can distract me ( I’m a coder ), your mixes are my preferred choice to keep me awake and workin 🙂 !
    Thanks a lot !

  2. We absolutely loveee these mixes!! I’ve discovered these a few years ago, and still am excited to see when new mixes are up on the website to this day. We both love listening to them at the gym, in the car, and gives Greg some good ideas for songs to use when he djs on the weekends at raves and after hours parties. Thank you so much, and keep up the great music! =)

  3. how can i download your music? i cant seem to be able to donate for some reason….. :\ your music is amazing, keep it up! 😀

  4. You do great stuff and I made a small donation. Sorry it wasn’t more, but yours is the first music I have paid for in a long time. Keep up the good work and when I stop being a poor college student I can give some more! =]

  5. I heard Crank at a party around 2 years ago, and have been checking your site weekly ever since. Can’t afford much these days ( as a student ) but without ever meeting you’ve helped me with countless hours studying, road trips, and burned a few speakers. A great Thank you and best of luck with your music.

  6. Seriously, I cant tell you what these mixes have done for me. Changed my life. Safe to say I listen to your mixes at least 15 hrs a week. easy. Your mixes exposed me to the entire EDM/Dub scene. I shared it with my friends and we all go shows now. Thank you for everything and keep doing it man. – Orlando, FL

  7. Just wanted to thank you for the three years of disgustingly good electro. I’ve been using these mixes as a barometer. I am more than happy to pitch some cash on someone I listen to regularly. Thank you for uploading something worth paying for.

  8. Happy to give you some money for your hard work. Any chance I can easily download you’re entire works without having to click through each album and then right click blah blah. I’d be happy to chip in some more money for time and effort.

    I’m just a lone lister in my car, not out to rip off your mixes.


  9. i never noticed there was a donate button until yesterday. currently in china right now, but once i get back to the state i will give my contribution as thanks for the hours of wonderful music you’ve provided me.

  10. just got back to the US yesterday. as promised, sent a small contribution your way. thanks for everything dabears, you rock.

  11. how much do i need to donate to get another Trance mix out of you!!!??!! 😉 <3 <3
    I have seen following you for sense "afterhours"!

  12. I had to donate because I’ve been listening to your mixes for at least 2 years now and they are absolutely amazing! You have such a great talent and I am envious 😉 Keep up the great work! My good friend told me about your mixes years ago and since then I have shared your website with almost everyone I know and they end up loving the mixes! I love how word of mouth works. Thank you for the free downloads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will donate more in the future.

  13. Been a long time follower and listener, thank you for the excellent work. I listen to your mixes on deployment, 12hr shifts 7 days a week, and some days – you save me.

  14. Just donated Bud. I have been listening to your music and its so much fun. The music keeps me going at home when I have lots to do and more 🙂 Keep up the fantastic music coming.
    from Washington, DC

  15. Excellent posting. I’d been verifying continuously this site using this program . influenced! Highly valuable info precisely the best aspect 🙂 My partner and i manage this sort of information considerably. I used to be seeking that specific information for a long time. Appreciate it as well as with success.

  16. You introduced me to an entirely new music genre, and thus countless hours of great music.
    If any thing is worth a donation, this that!

  17. Thank you for making awesome mixes. They really, really help those dragging days! Here’s to more tequila to your future!

  18. Just donated – been checking your site out every few months since I discovered it a few years ago. I listen at work and in the car more often than I can count, and shared with others too. Wish you the best, thanks for sharing!

  19. Thank`s my friend!
    Your mixes are a big part of my life now. For years they linger in my phone and home server unlike tons of other mixes, that get me bored over time. At work, on trips, falling asleep or trying not to fall asleep, or wake up. At work far away from home, you are everywhere! The fluidity and consistency of your works are unmatched. I am a huge fan of dubsteppy ones, my wife falls heels over head for housy ones. It`s a trap got us both… You have a remarkable talent to set the mood, maintain it, than screw around with it. I hope you have at least part of the fun we have listening while making them. Hope my small chip-in gets you a beer, cookie or whatever to cheer you up a bit.
    Greets from Latvia.

  20. I’ve been listening to your mixes for years now and I just want to tell you how consistently AWESOME you are! Thank you for putting yourself out there – for free! – and letting us all enjoy your talents 🙂 Glad you have a donation link so I could finally show some appreciation! Keep mixing and stay rad! <3

    • thanks Sarah, I had to focus on other priorities in life for awhile, but the fire is back and I’m hoping I can raise the bar higher as I go. Your support is greatly appreciated

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