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  1. hey man , can i just say your mixes are sick !! The type of music you produce and host on this site will be greatly received within the e-sports community something i feel you should look to do. I personally would like to affiliate our websites if possible ? and also use your music on it / our video stream we want everyone to know who you are and help get your music out there

  2. i absolutely love all of your mixes, they are incredible. But I personally prefer your old website layout, it looked much more professional.

  3. your mixes are incredible! been listening to your stuff for a while now, the degree of variation you have, from Malevolent to Serenity, it’s great! love your stuff, I’ve showed it to tons of my friends and they all LOVE it

  4. The new site looks good; great place to host amazing mixes. Where can I get dabears merch?! I need a shirt/jacket to help spread the word!

  5. hey guys i’ll try and make this short so here it goes. I’m sub’d to this Elliott Hulse’s fitness channel on youtube and we’re friends on facebook. He’s into dubstep and mixes and such and I shared yall’s website with him on his facebook page. Well he commented back and was curious about using your mixes and songs in the beginning of his video’s like he always does. He gets an ample amount of views and has plenty of subscribers. Of course he would provide a backlink, and give credit where credit is do. If you guys are interested or allowing to give permission to do so i think it would be a great way to get your name out there with a very reputable person. Best of luck to you guys 🙂 love the music

  6. Ever since I downloaded the first mix I heard from you, which was Sick Tonight if you must know, I’ve been entranced by all the mixes you’ve created and absolutely love everything you release. Thanks for being completely and utterly awesome in your music endeavors and sharing them with the rest of us.

  7. I absolutely ove your mixes! I work out to Psychadelic Permadrunk and it’s seriously the dopest shit ever. My next favourite is Euphoria for that smoother trancey sound.

    Looking forward to listening the latest mixes. Keep it up and don’t stop making music. x


  8. Hi.
    I love your mixes, you really have some talent.

    Wanted to ask you if you could make a mix tape of Syntheticsax songs. This guy has some awesome remixes like:

    Javi Reina, Alex Guerrero Feat. Syntheticsax – Oig 2011
    Progresive house sax – ???????? Syntheticsax (Boom Jinx,Jaytech – Milano)
    Syntheticsax – “Between”
    Tiesto feat. Syntheticsax – I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Radio Remix)
    syntheticsax – give it away (radio edit)

    Check it out, maybe you like it and can come up with something.

  9. your tracks are all great! I cant even begin to count the number of international flights and cross country drives they’ve gotten me through! keep up the good work, donation on its way. I’ve done a few mixes of my own, I’d really appreciate any/all feedback! check me out on soundcloud: lockarde

  10. Dabears,

    Got introduced to your mixes over a year ago. Since then, I have shared them with many friends and they all are amazed at how well the mixes are… definately the best out there! I have every mix DL’d and listen to them all on a daily basis… currently listening to “Surrender” for the 21st time on my Itunes… with Malevolent in #1 with 39 plays… keep it up and please don’t stop!

  11. Hey I love your mixes, but I do have one suggestion and that would be to put the time that each song approximately starts.This is so I can listen to some of the awesome songs that you choose separately. Even if you don’t still looking forward to your next mix! 🙂

  12. You gotta get off the trashy House. You Bliss mix showed soooooo much potential in you.
    Kinda hard to believe Bliss is your mix!!!!

  13. You should definitely go for OMFG. I go there often and would fucking love it if you started playing there. Ive been following your mixes since Peace Love Dub and cant get enough. You would be killer live man! And im sure everyone would agree! I would go anywhere to see you perform.

  14. Hey dude, I’ve been trying to get most of your mix list on spotify so I can listen to each track individually, and I’ve got my playlist set named Dabears Electro Library and its pretty sick, but anyways, I’m trying to find “october by deadmau5” but I can’t find it anywhere!

  15. have you ever thought about loading your mixes on to SoundCloud?

    would make things a lot simpler and you’d never have to worry about bandwidth again.

    Just a thought!!!

  16. Hey mate.
    I was just enquiring whether or not I can get your permission to use your mixes on my gaming channel, I get around 700 views a day, 21,000 a month. I have 410 subscribers and I’ve just been looking for something sick to apply to my gameplay videos. Email me if you’d would like any further details.

    Thanks man

  17. There’s a group called Elucidate that releases a 2 hours mix once a month, called Deep In Vocal Euphoria, as a Podcast. You may be interested in releasing your mixes as podcasts too because that would allow people to download the podcast to a device or a computer and would reduce your bandwidth. Just an idea. Thanks for the great mixes.

  18. Hello, you have amazing mixes. I listen to them everyday. I don’t have an ipod though. Ever thought of making an app for this? so people can listen to it in their cars on kindle, phone, and such.

  19. hay zoot, i was wondering if u could help me out,i listen to dabears all the time, it has really saved my live. u have inspired me to really get in to music, i am currently learning the piano, by next year i will have started on the guitar and five years i will be playing the violin. but my passion is dub step. every day, all day, its all i listen to.
    so my problem is…. where do i start? how do i begin?….to make dub step. it is some thing that is so awesome to me. i know i have the passion and the drive to do this. i just need a hand up this fist big step. u know me as whitedemon or legion on steam. shoot me a text or email when ever u got time. ty

  20. hey, im trying to download some mixes from your site but i cannot download or even play any of them. im just wondering if it’s a problem on my end or if there’s a problem with the site, regardless keep up the good work

  21. HEY! So, i love your music. i was just wondering if you could maybe do a mix of like the top 20 songs on tunes or Google play on all one mix kinda like the beginning of dubalicious thatd be awesome! thanks:)

  22. Hey man, just wanted to say i’ve been listening to your mixes for years and love them. Everyone i show them to here in California is blown away.
    So seeing as how you’re an awesome dj and whatnot, is there any way you could mix a Moombahton set? That would be glorious.

  23. Many an epic roadtrip with my best friend has been traveled listening to your mixes. You get us amped and in heart-to-heart mode. You take us places even when we’re riding around our dumpy little town, and I love that. Keep doing what you’re doing – and come to Boston!

  24. Yo,

    your mixes are dope as fuck. my bro moved from Alberta to Ontario and told me about it. First mix I heard was Ether. Instantly hooked.

    Keep that shit up.

  25. So i love your mixes and so do all of my friends but I have a concern. Since I work for the government I have to follow touchy rules about downloading music and such. I was wondering if you make your mixes with legit licensing and such. Don’t worry I’m not trying to rat on you or anything I would just love to download everything without loosing my job.

    Chris G.

  26. These mixes are absolutely fantastic. I saw your facebook post about your upcoming Deep House mix. I recently got into Deep House myself and can’t wait to hear what you are putting together. The mixes never fail to amaze me. Keep it up! 😀

  27. You should make a I<3 House Music 2014 because the year is almost over and you should also include the bear in every art. Keep up the good work! From your friends and fans in Norway! 🙂

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  29. where’d you go man 🙁 ive checked your website every week for years now and nothin 🙁 we miss you dude </3

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  40. Glad to see you’re uploading mixes again! I listened to them back in my early teens/late twenties. I came across a Facebook post I made with your URL and I gave it a shot to see if it was still active and I’m so happy to see you started uploading again! As a mid 30 year old getting back into EDM and festivals, this made my heart happy!

  41. Used to listen to your mixes back in the day and all of a sudden remembered your name, glad that you are creating and posting again!

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